Men Circles

Our communities long for energetic, courageous and loving men, for real fathers , for honest partners and true brothers who are emotionally available and mature.   There is a call for men who are able to connect with their feelings and inner wisdom.

Male values are in considerable flux. Our real desire is to claim our place and to make our contribution to Mother Earth, our women and children, to serve something bigger in our maleness. Values such as money, achievements or status will not count on the deathbed. The answers to questions like: "I have loved and been loved fully" and "what I have contributed to this world which makes it a better place to live" will matter.

I offer a space for men who want to open up to men's work – who want to show up, who want to allow connection and who want to be deeply touched. Together we create and discuss topics that can only be discussed amongst men – and learn to show yourself as a man with all of who you are; your gold as well as your shadows.


I offer a room where men can:

  • go deep
  • find confidence
  • allow to let their masks down
  • deeply listen
  • speak about their own feelings
  • be weak and find strength in it
  • show themselves with honesty and compassion
  • take on responsibility
  • share experiences

experience community as a healing process


Price: CHF/AUD 35.00 per men (2.5 hours)

Circle of Men