Conscious Communication in Relationships

Communication is at the centre of peaceful interpersonal relationships and is key to all solutions. In conscious communication you take responsibility for your messages and therefore how the partnership develops. Often talks and negotiations do not turn out well because people simply do not "understand" each other. It usually is not enough to make use of appropriate language, but it is also necessary to understand the messages of the partner correctly. 80-90% of a conversation’s meaning is communicated on the emotional and relational level, and only 10-20% focuses on the pure facts.

Do you want to change your communication because;

  • You have difficulties to express your beliefs without blaming the other
  • You often feel that what you say is understood quite differently by your partner
  • You catch yourself as you can react with retaliation to statements and behaviours that do not match your ideas

In intimate relationships it is particularly important to create a field of openness and trust. To build real depth and heal old wounds, it is desirable that you show yourself completely to your partner.  “You-statements” cause a hardening of 'fronts' and are a guaranteed way out of intimacy. This is why “I-statements” are an important part of conscious communication. The purpose of “I-statements” is to own and express your own feelings directly without handballing them to your partner.

I can support you and your partner in learning and practising this type of communication in a safe environment, as well as guiding you in the integration of conscious communication in all your relationships. I create a safe space where you can show all aspects of your soul. Shamanic ceremonies, conscious breathing and insights from psychology will help to nurture this space in you, which will help you to  not act out, even in difficult conversations. You will learn to give your partner your full presence whilst listening with your heart more and more.


Conscious Communication from the Heart


Price: CHF / AUD 250.00 per session (approximately 2 hours)

I am looking forward to meeting you.  It will be a great honour to guide you into a new dimension of your quality of life, whether it is at work or in your private life.

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