In my coaching, I assume that you already carry everything needed to solve your situation inside of you.  My goal is therefore to support you in finding your very personal solution. Maybe you can’t currently see the ‘woods for the trees’; My experience has shown that such blockages are often caused by something which is not fully conscious to you at the time the blockage occurred.

I love to create a safe space in which you can discover and learn to fully feel your feelings and self-beliefs in depth. I can assist you in identifying your negative associations and shadows in order to transform them into something positive. If you want to take this process of self-discovery another step further and learn to acknowledge your vulnerability fully I can assist you in finding your strengths . With some practice this radical self-acceptance will lead to a remarkable increase in your quality of life and to a greater clarity, confidence and self-love.


Coaching Gespräch


As my client you are the centre point with your very personal concerns, with your goals and individual abilities as well as your potential. My work is characterized by respect, trust and openness, a cooperation on an equal footing with the utmost discretion


Price: CHF / AUD 250.00 per session (approximately 2 hours)


I am looking forward to meeting you - it will be a great honour to guide you into a new dimension of your quality of life, whether it is at work or in your private life.

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