During conscious, connected rebirthing breathwork you will absorb more energy than usual. Due to this increased flow of energy, suppressed feelings, thoughts and images are resolved. In a rebirthing breathwork session you will get in contact with your "inner self" and thus obtain the strength to accept and integrate what was previously suppressed in order to feel again. Rebirthing works holistically and on all four aspects of human existence.

Benefits to the intellectual body include:

  • the ability to concentrate is increased
  • there is a deeper, mental awareness and clarity
  • positive thinking is promoted
  • negative beliefs such as "I can’t do this" are replaced by positive ones
  • creative thinking will be intensified

Benefits to the emotional body include:

  • fears are resolved
  • painful feelings are transformed into a zest for life
  • your ability to love, as well as your tolerance are increased

Benefits to the physical body include:

  • rebirthing breathing releases physical tensions and increases life energy
  • increased activity
  • improved physical well-being

Benefits to the spiritual body include:

  • confidence and a deep faith for life
  • more connection with everything around you (nature and humans)
  • a deep self-knowledge and self-acceptance (I am what I am)
Breathwork session

Breathwork is ideal as a group process but can also be booked as an individual session.

An individual session usually lasts between 90-120 minutes and ends with a personal sharing in order to integrate and make sense of your experiences.



CHF / AUD 100.00 per person in a group of eight (duration 3 hours with two therapists)

CHF / AUD 250.00 for individual sessions


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